Intensive Learning and Rejuvenation Program

For Executives, Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

The source of greatness and inspired leadership lies within each of us.  We just need to learn to focus inwards and tap into our potential to be a better version of ourselves.

Beyond The Mind program is an intense learning experience to accelerate the process of inner transformation for leaders for greater personal and organizational success.

Why Go Beyond The Mind

Inner Calmness

As leaders, our daily work involves putting out fires and dealing with unexpected scenarios. It requires clarity of thoughts, emotions and internal calmness.

But, sometimes the mind is like a wild horse. It doesn’t know how to behave and wraps itself up in the clouds of negativity such as stress, anxiety and fear. It keeps us from thinking clearly.

To tackle the mind, we need to go beyond the mind.

Intuitive Intelligence

A leader is the captain of the ship and needs to see things no one else is able to see yet.

In order to do so effectively, a leader needs to develop higher intuitive intelligence. Intuition is faster than rational intelligence. Intuitive intelligence is just like opening the eyes and seeing clearly. Mental intelligence requires study and use of logic through inductive and deductive reasoning. Many good scientists and leaders possess intuition. Ideas simply flash into their minds.

Inspirational Leadership

As leaders, we need to duplicate ourselves and develop next line of leaders. The best way to do so is to be the role model that others would like to emulate. We need to constantly upgrade ourselves to become a better person and a better leader by exhibiting high level of energy, enthusiasm, intelligence, compassion and wisdom in action.

Nikola Tesla

"But instinct is something which transcends knowledge. We have, undoubtedly, certain finer fibers that enable us to perceive truths when logical deduction, or any other willful effort of the brain, is futile."

Nikola Tesla, Inventor of Alternating Current & Induction Motor

Key Dimensions of the Program

Superior Personal Health

No new information can be assimilated properly if the body and mind are tired. When we improve our personal health, we increase our ability to learn, to contribute and to live a fulfilling life. We share unique and easy to practice wellness tools for rapid energy gain and to ward off physical and mental fatigue while maintaining a demanding schedule.

Journey into Becoming a Better Leader

Management of a company is a form of expression of how we perceive the world. The program will shed light on universal guiding principles that can be applied both in business and personal lives for proper understanding and response to any complex situation including interpersonal relationships and develop equanimity.

Relax and Unclutter

We must empty our cups to gain calmness, stillness, superior emotional control. We help leaders de-stress and walk them through a process to identify and overcome challenges uniquely personal to them e.g. anxiety, fear and any other thinking pattern that is not serving them and see things as they are.

Enhanced Intuition and Intelligence

A business is a sum-total of decisions made and executed. Advanced meditative and yogic tools will be shared to develop Intuitive, abstract and concrete intelligence in order to have greater access to foresight and an enhanced ability to see directly through the problem and find the right or proper solution quickly.

Program Benefits

By actively engaging in our program, a leader would start to experience the following benefits. Some changes will be apparent in a matter of days or weeks while others will develop more gradually.

  • Increased Potential for breakthrough innovation
  • Tackle uncertain situations adroitly and calmly
  • Faster and better decision making
  • Enhanced empathy and connectivity
  • Inspired state of mind
  • Renewed Confidence
  • Energized at all levels

Program Format

The program is high-touch and designed for you to have a total immersion experience. It has two main components.

1. Foundational training sessions (In-person): The entire training is conducted in person for better assimilation of information. It can be delivered at annual, bi-annual or quarterly basis based on each organization's specific needs.

2. Enrichment pods (Audio/Video conference): In-person training sessions are followed by guided practice sessions via audio or video conference to help attendees establish new habits of practicing the techniques taught during the training.

Join us on this journey of self transformation and a path towards becoming better leaders with greater wisdom, understanding and compassion.

To bring the program at your organization, please contact us at

Guillermo Paz

"I don't let people pull me in their storms. I bring them in my peace. Before I go into a contentious meeting, I set the intention and change the energy of the place and the people coming for the meeting. We end up having a positive meeting with win-win results. This technique works and it has been working for me for last 20 years."

Guillermo Paz, President at PopuliCom and co-owner of Villa Aquamare Virgn Gorda