Reclaim Your Energy (RYE)

Stress Management for Corporate Teams

Experience relief in minutes using techniques proven by neuroscience

Looking to boost team productivity?

A 3-hours off-site training will recharge and revitalize your team.

Our training will transform your team members to have

  • Inner strength to handle deadlines and crisis
  • Surge in passion and faith in work that improves productivity
  • Sensitivity and empathy that enhances team collaboration

From the CEO, Charu Chundury

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a simple question. By the end of the day at work, do you ever feel tired?

If you have answered yes, “have you asked yourself why?” Most likely, you have a desk job that does not require hard physical labor.

Still, you feel tired. Why?

Because, you are mentally and emotionally exhausted. You may not realize it but this exhaustion is as real as physical exhaustion.

And the cause is the nonstop nature of work over weeks and months. The honest truth is that we are all doing more with less these days. Most employees are overworked. They are busy going from one meeting to another without a pause.

This work pattern creates tremendous amount of stress and fatigue that interferes with our ability to work consistently at peak productivity levels. Have you noticed that by afternoon, many employees are exhausted? Obviously, productivity takes a nosedive at this point.

Not just that, work-stress affects the quality of the work too. Stress makes people agitated. When we are agitated, we can not think clearly and make awful business and personal decisions.

The problem does not just stop there. It leads to higher turnover. When a stressed and exhausted employee goes home in the evening, he/she has no energy to spend quality time with the family. No wonder family members think that the company is not good and they encourage the employee to make a switch.

The damage of work stress to the bottom line is real

Numerous researchers have looked into the debilitating impact of work stress.

Did you know that, on average, companies lose up to 27 days of work per employee per year due to the productivity loss as a direct result of work stress1?

Employees in high stress jobs visit doctors 26% more than the ones in low stress jobs contributing to rising health-care costs2.

Stress even affects individual’s immune system. Studies have linked stress to back pain, colorectal cancer, infectious disease, heart problems, headaches and diabetes.

Fortunately, a solution already exists

Charu thumbnailI have personally witnessed and experienced stress at every stage of my career.

I have been able to manage stress because of the meditation-based stress-relief techniques that I learned early on. My journey into stress-relief techniques started in 1998 at Siemens in Bangalore, India. I was lucky to learn them from an internationally renowned trainer who taught at our company. Right away, I started practicing regularly to manage my stress as a first-time corporate employee.

I experienced a high-stress work environment first-hand when I joined Motorola in New Jersey as a senior wireless engineer in 2001.  Working for months and years in a deadline-drive mode had taken a toll on many employees. I took it upon myself to bring the techniques that had helped me tremendously, to the team and the company at large. With the expert guidance from a senior trainer, several employees learned the techniques and I followed up by conducting weekly group-practice sessions. Employees in our location really appreciated the program and enjoyed the benefits.

In 2004, I witnessed a different form of stress among my classmates when I joined MBA program at Darden Business School at University of Virginia. As any top MBA program goes, it was very demanding and students were highly strung. By now, I had already been certified to teach to public and decided to share the stress-relief techniques with my fellow students. It was amazing to witness a transformation in participating student's ability to be calm, attentive and remain focused on their course work.

Fast forward to 2007, I started my first tech startup. My meditative practices became even more important for me. Starting and running a new technology venture is a very high-risk and high-stress proposition. For several years, I worked 7 days a week without a break. I worried I might lose my equilibrium. However, teaching meditation and practicing it every day, sometimes even twice a day, kept me sane during my start up years.

The key is to build an immunity to stress

The lessons I have learned in my student, corporate and startup years is that even though stress is not easily quantifiable but it does exist. In all the ups and downs of our life, we will have stress. We can not avoid stressful experiences but can handle them gracefully by building an immunity to stress. The stronger our stress immunity is, the bigger stresses or projects we can tackle.

Top companies are already enjoying the benefits of stress management programs

Companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Nike, Aetna, Target, Ford, Adobe, Goldman Sachs, HBO and Apple have been offering meditation-based stress management programs to all employees for some time now.

Since launching its program, Aetna has observed productivity gain worth $3000 per employee per year3. They have also noticed that paid medical claims per employee were down 7.3% in first year (about $9M in savings) and 3% in subsequent years3.

Reclaim Your Energy (RYE) - Transforming Stress to Joy

What if your team members could also learn the same techniques? What if they could get just a half-day off from their duties to learn how to relax and rejuvenate at an off-site? They would come back not only refreshed and re-energized but also know the techniques to de-stress and maintain energy on a daily basis.

Our comprehensive RYE program is designed to do just that.

Here are just few of the benefits of the RYE program that are immediately noticeable among training attendees. With regular practice of the techniques taught, these benefits become more permanent.

  • Physical energy boost
  • Mental recharge
  • Enhanced focus
  • Relaxation
  • Clarity of thoughts and emotions
  • Empathy
  • Higher sensitivity
  • Increased awareness
  • Enthusiasm
  • Inner calmness
  • Joy

Our program benefits have been validated by neuroscience

charu-researchAfter practicing meditative techniques for more than 15 years, in the summer of 2014, I found myself with electrodes covering my head and eyes shut with thick black covering. I was one of the subjects to study the effect of meditation (as taught in our program) on someone who has been doing it for more than 10 years. The study by conducted by scientists at University of Missouri.

Truth to be told, it was my dream come true. As an engineer, I had always wished to scientifically validate the positive changes I have been experiencing personally for years.

The results of the experiment were so spectacular that a  poster presentation about it won first prize at Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine conference in San Diego, CA in 2015.

This study was one of the several studies that have been conducted on specific techniques taught as part of our program. Studies were done for both first-time meditators and experienced meditators. Below are some of the research findings from various studies done so far. 

  • The increase in gamma brainwave by 35% was observed. Gamma waves are responsible for enhanced focus and empathy.
  • Another important brainwave, alpha, increases as well leading to enhanced relaxation, creativity and problem solving.
  • Both right and left hemispheres of the brain were also discovered to be more balanced. A balanced brain is relaxed brain. Some researchers believe that balanced brain is a prerequisite to operate in the ‘genius mode’.
  • One of the techniques has been shown to increase melatonin levels by 300%. Increased levels correlate with better sleep pattern, neuroplasticity and prevention of diabetes and migraine and cancer.

RYE is not your ordinary stress management program

The RYE program is your opportunity to jump-start stress management program at your company via a premium hands-on in-person training.

Your teams will be learning and practicing the techniques under our expert guidance. The techniques taught are sophisticated, thorough and powerful. Attendees will be taught detailed instructions on how to dramatically reduce stress in a matter of minutes. These instructions are copyrighted and not available in the public domain.

Our in-person trainings are highly experiential. There will be a lot of practice time to practically test the concepts taught right then and there. Attendees will be pleasantly surprised by how well these techniques work. 

Trainings are kept fast paced and fun. There will be no pep-talks. No hype. Just plain old-fashion learning. Currently, no training audio or videos are available. The content can be learned only via in-person trainings. Recordings of the training will not be available for sale.

The RYE program is divided into two trainings - 1. Stress relief and 2. Instant energy boost. Each training is conveniently designed to run for half-day (3 hours) as an off-site to allow attendees to disconnect from work and be fully present.


Level 1: Stress relief workshop for corporate teams

Reduce stress at your desk in 5 minutes or less using neuroscience validated techniques.

Duration: 3 hrs

Prerequisite: none

Capacity: up to 50 attendees

Level 2: Instant energy boost workshop for corporate teams

Fight fatigue and stay energized and productive whole day.

Duration: 3 hrs

Prerequisite: Level 1

Capacity: up to 50 attendees

Is RYE program right for your teams?

Your teams will benefit most from it if they are looking to achieve one of the following goals.

  1. Enhanced teamwork/collaboration:  As practitioners develop more empathy and sensitivity towards their colleagues, it becomes easier for them to work in a collaborative environment.
  2. Higher levels of creativity: Participants working on complex projects that require novel/innovative thinking would benefit from brainwave synchronization.
  3. Meet tight deadlines - Rapid energy boost techniques are helpful in maintaining energy to complete work on-time.
  4. Ability to work long hours - Improved mental, emotional and physical stamina while working on projects that requires sustained focus and attention for long hours.
  5. Extensive travel - Quick physical energy recharges are crucial to stay productive through a demanding travel schedule
  6. Emotionally taxing jobs: Inner calmness allows employees to bounce back quicker from negative experiences e.g. customer support staff facing rude customer interaction and sales staff facing a reject from a prospect.
  7. Rapid information processing for decision making - Ability to work at peak mental capacity e.g. for executives who need to make informed and clear decisions throughout the day while absorbing large amounts of information.

Everything you need in one program

The RYE program is a great choice if you would like to

  • Offer a unique team building activity
  • Enhance your company brand by demonstrating to your teams that you care about them
  • Organize an activity that is logistically easy to implement and doesn’t disrupt work schedule
  • Create a lasting impact on your team members health and wellness
  • Have a significant impact on employee productivity
  • Seek potential savings in healthcare costs.

100% Money Back Guarantee!

We believe in what we teach. All of our trainings are backed by 100% Money-back guarantee. If by the end of the training, you do not believe that your team has learned anything new and useful, you can simply let the training coordinator know and you will be fully reimbursed of the training cost.

Now is the time to decide

The RYE program is a culmination of years of personal validation of meditative techniques in combating stress of running businesses and holding corporate jobs. We are passionate about teaching the program and are thrilled to share the unique technology and our personal experiences.

The sheer joy of watching the transformation of program attendee’s lives from stressful to joyous keeps us inspired. We would love to share this joy with your teams.

Will your company join the ranks of world’s best companies nurturing their employees by giving them access to stress reduction tools? If yes, contact us today to schedule a training for your organization.

We look forward to seeing you at the training.

Warm regards,

Charu Chundury

Principal RYE Trainer
CEO, Other Shore Academy