Team Empowerment Programs

Boost Happiness, Harmony and Productivity

Our programs for team training offer scientifically validated meditative and self healing techniques that boost brain power, enhance energy levels and reduce stress. Each program is customized based on the job function.  If your job function is not covered, please contact us and we would work with you to develop a custom training program.

Sales Team Empowerment Program

Develop Peak Performing Salesforce Through Inner Transformation and Self-mastery

A sales professional’s day can be filled with stress and rejections. Success requires

Ability to Connect: Sensitivity and cognition to zoom into the exact reasons for each prospect to buy.

Think on the spot: Heightened awareness to intuitively anticipate the flow of sales meetings and be prepared to respond.

Mental fortitude: Right attitude and fortitude to keep refining the skills and work with passion and enthusiasm.

Program Format

Onsite Training Sessions: We enable the sales team with tools and techniques that are easy to understand and quick to practice throughout their day through customized trainings ranging from 1 hour to full day sessions.

Program Modules

  1. Energy Boost: Bring energy and enthusiasm to work and sustain it using techniques to manage stress and maintain energy pre and post-sales calls and meetings.
  2. Business Smarts: Sharper and clearer thinking for better cognitive comprehension of product knowledge and sales and marketing materials.
  3. Positive Attitude: Develop better attitude towards sales profession. Remove inner limitations and reprogramming for success
  4. Professional relationship building: Overcome hostile and any other negative attitude among team-members and towards the management team
  5. Magnetic personality: Developing charisma and midas’s touch for closing more sales
  6. Inner awareness: Being able to intuit the difference between important and less important accounts and prioritize


  • Enhanced Focus
  • Reignite the passion for sales
  • Reprogram for success
  • Goal-focused - How to set goals and how to stay positive
  • Business Intuition
  • Time and energy management

Sales Leadership Masters Program

Mastering the Art of Self and Sales Team Management

Being a sales leader is inherently challenging. You are responsible for your team’s performance. Below are the skills required for success.

Inspire: Ability to set clear goals and motivate and retain the team members

Maintain healthy relationships: Develop good relationship with your team and upper management

Stay Calm: The ability to stay calm under the storm and to always have a clear perspective

Program Format

Coaching: One-on-one coaching is available for leaders in sales department to help with issues specific to sales management.

Flexible on-site training sessions: 1 hour to one-day sessions on monthly, quarterly and annual basis

Program Modules

As a sales leader, you already are familiar with sales tactics and what it takes to close the deal. We focus on helping you develop the muscles needed to pull the sales teams forward without being stressed and burned out.

  1. Stress Management: Techniques for rapid stress reduction and ability to quickly disconnect from people and situations draining you.
  2. Calm clarity: How to stay centered and maintain perspective
  3. Empathy: Ability to connect and relate with each team member and senior management team, marketing team and prospects.
  4. Conflict resolution: How to resolve inner conflict without engaging in verbal communication.


By participating in our program, sales leaders can expect to experience the following benefits.

  • Self-management - greater awareness and control of emotions
  • Positive team environment - develop harmony among team members
  • Smart strategist - ability to think outside the box to develop strategies for the team to meet quotas

Marketing, Design and Engineering Teams Transform Program

Foster Creativity, Innovation and Team work

Marketing, design and engineering fields are involved in creation. Creating something new is both an art and a science. There are plethora of educational opportunities to learn the scientific aspect of the field. But what is missing is the art form of tapping into one’s own creativity and intuition. This program is design for a professional to mastery over their field by exhibiting superior and well balanced skills of creativity, intuition with tactical knowledge.

Program Format

Flexible on-site training sessions: 1-hour to 1-day on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Team Building: Conduct team building exercises to foster interpersonal relationships

Program Modules

  1. Sharp Mind: Quick and easy to practice techniques to boost mental power and focus
  2. Creative Genius: Develop ability to tap into intuitive intelligence to discover 'outside-the-box' solutions
  3. Energy management: How to reduce stress and enhance energy levels.
  4. Team work: For teams members to develop mutual respect, patience, sensitivity and generosity. 
  5. Passion: Bring enthusiasm and commitment to work every day. Passion is the emotional gunpowder needed for success of any project.


  • Happiness
  • Harmony a.k.a. better teamwork
  • Productivity
  • Energy
  • Innovation
  • Patience
  • Enthusiasm
  • Sharp mind

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